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A Barrel of fun


A nursery called and said they had bees in a 55 gal metal drum, could we come get them?  We got there and found that they knew the bees had been there, but they haven’t cleaned the area for awhile and it wasn’t a problem.  Now they cleaned the area and it was a problem.  Since it was late we asked if we could take the barrel with us.  My wife reached down to brush off ants, and she rubbed a hole in the thing it was so rusted.  We put a sheet on either end of the barrel, put it in the back of my truck and took it to a place we can work on it later.  All in all a good capture. While we were there someone else asked us if we do removals from walls. He showed us the place in his house, we are going to work on it later.

They like the house

Several years ago we went to a house in Manoa, HI. and removed bees.  We have been back to the house four times over the years.  The house is a pole house, built on stilts so there are many places for the bees to get in.  They also have A LOT of steps to get into the house.  We just finished another hive in a wall in the house.  I expect to get a call next year to remove more.

She is such a help

DSCF0705 DSCF0706 DSCF0714 DSCF0713 DSCF0712 DSCF0711 DSCF0710 DSCF0709 DSCF0708 DSCF0707

My granddaughter is such a help!  We were told about bees in a trash can. We lifted the plywood lid and saw a small hive.  My girl got the nuc, the rubber bands, and the frames ready.  When she was ready she said, “Ok grandpa let’s get the girls.”‘ I moved the top to where she had the frames and cut them out.  She put them in the frames and put the rubber bands around them.  Then she wanted to smoke them into the nuc so we could move it to where the hive had been originally. She has the technic down! she used just little puffs of smoke to get them to move from the table to the nuc. Then when most of the bees had landed on the nuc she smoked them into the box so we could close it and get them home.  She did good.

The one we went for

DSCF0684 DSCF0688 DSCF0689 DSCF0690 DSCF0691

This is the call we went for when we found the two hives. This was a shed built into the side of the hill.  The hive was small and fairly easy to remove. When we got the call the son of the owner had been out to take a look.  He wasn’t sure if they were bees or wasps, and he wasn’t going to get close enough to find out.  We had been to this little housing area before to remove bees from a shop vac. These were kind of stubborn girls.  I smoked them very hard to get them to leave once I had removed the comb. But they weren’t having any of it.  They stayed right were the comb used to be. Finally when neither the bees nor I could stand the smoke any longer they moved outside, but wouldn’t go into the nuc. After a little bit it started to drizzle, you never saw bees move so fast! We just had to wait a little while for everyone to move into the nuc.

Wasn’t ready for that

DSCF0682DSCF0681 DSCF0680

We went to remove a small hive that had taken up residence in a shed.  When we got there the people told us there was another hive in a tree nearby.  We thought they meant a swarm, but when we took a look there was a real hive being built in the tree. We had to remove that one first, then go back home to pick up another nuc because we were planning on only one.  It looks like they will be doing fine in their new home and new spot.

They only want to kill them!

DSCF0639 DSCF0640

A young woman called on Friday evening and asked if I could remove bees from a cabinet in the carport. Since it was already getting late I couldn’t do it then. I told her we had other things planned for the weekend and couldn’t make it out till Monday. She wanted to call around to find help. Then on Monday she called back. She said she had called several different places and all they wanted to do was kill them. Since we are a live removal company she wanted us to come out. She and her dad said almost the same thing, the wife/mother saw the bees go into the cabinet and started spraying insecticide. They both told her to stop! It is nice to see people starting to care about bees.

Is there a doctor in the house?

DSCF0596 DSCF0597 DSCF0599 DSCF0603 DSCF0601

When we have a job that requires a carpenter we give the people a discount because they have to supply one.  We are not carpenters, but we do know a lot about it. There was a miscommunication with the person on this job. Her neighbor came over to see what was going on. She told him the situation, his eyes lit up and he says “I’ll do it!” I lent him my suit and he went to work on the column. Most times the bees are docile and don’t come out till we start removing the comb, not this time! They started buzzing us even before we got close.  After he pulled open the column I asked him what he did for a living. “I’m a doctor,” he told me. He was thrilled to help and work so closely with bees.  He had never done anything like that before.

I didn’t see them till my daughter said something


That is what Heather told me as I caught this swarm.  She said they were so unobtrusive she was sitting on the wall next to them and didn’t even know they were there.  It had been raining and was supposed to really storm later that day, so I guess they were happy to get into a nice dry home.

By Jove I Think She’s Got It

DSCF0583 DSCF0584 DSCF0586 DSCF0587 DSCF0588

We got a call about bees in the storage seat of a gazebo.  My 8 and 10 year old granddaughters went with me to help. My 8 year old looked for the bees, when we found them we moved the comb to a table. I cut the comb out and my 10 year rubber banded them in.  Both of them have been out with me a bunch of times.  I think my 10 year old has got the idea of how to do it. My 8 year old is still working on it. The owner of the property wants a hive on her property.