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Honolulu Country Club

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We got the call when we were weed whacking on the other side of the island.  We told him it would be about 3 hours before we could get there.  He was good with that.  We got there and he showed us the swarm was at the 1st tee.  They even let us use a golf cart! That was so cool. When we got there they were getting ready to leave, so we had to work fast.  As we were picking them up people were still insisting on teeing off.  The bees were not happy and the tee was only 10 feet away, I couldn’t believe it.  When you catch a swarm you have to move them about 5 miles or they may leave.  Since we are only about 3 miles from where we picked them up we are hoping they stay.

Just liked it I guess

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Got a swarm call.  Since I couldn’t get to them right away I assumed they would fly away.  You know what happens when you assume!  They were there for two days before I got them.  It had been raining so that might have been why they stayed.  They intent on making this place home, I got two larger pieces of comb with them.

They only want to kill them!

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A young woman called on Friday evening and asked if I could remove bees from a cabinet in the carport. Since it was already getting late I couldn’t do it then. I told her we had other things planned for the weekend and couldn’t make it out till Monday. She wanted to call around to find help. Then on Monday she called back. She said she had called several different places and all they wanted to do was kill them. Since we are a live removal company she wanted us to come out. She and her dad said almost the same thing, the wife/mother saw the bees go into the cabinet and started spraying insecticide. They both told her to stop! It is nice to see people starting to care about bees.

I didn’t see them till my daughter said something


That is what Heather told me as I caught this swarm.  She said they were so unobtrusive she was sitting on the wall next to them and didn’t even know they were there.  It had been raining and was supposed to really storm later that day, so I guess they were happy to get into a nice dry home.

By Jove I Think She’s Got It

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We got a call about bees in the storage seat of a gazebo.  My 8 and 10 year old granddaughters went with me to help. My 8 year old looked for the bees, when we found them we moved the comb to a table. I cut the comb out and my 10 year rubber banded them in.  Both of them have been out with me a bunch of times.  I think my 10 year old has got the idea of how to do it. My 8 year old is still working on it. The owner of the property wants a hive on her property.

They were ready

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A condo project said they had bees on the sidewalk.  I got there after work and started the process. I put the nuc near them and went back to get my other gear. In the time I went to get my stuff they had found the nuc and started moving in.  All I had to do was stand back and wait.

The roof moved!

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When the woman called she said they couldn’t get in and out of the door.  When I got there I saw the bees were so high up I told them I couldn’t help them.  The manager said I could ride up on the forklift to the roof and get them for there. My granddaughter and I went up. As soon as I stepped on the roof it started bucking and rolling just like a ship in rough seas. My granddaughter said “think happy thoughts grandpa.” I don’t like heights to put it lightly. I had to have my wife tell me where the bees were since I couldn’t see them. We made a good team. We left the nuc on the roof to be sure we got most of the bees and picked it up the next day.

Sometimes they stay, sometimes they don’t

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We had a swarm call. I grabbed my granddaughter and we went to the house.  They told us it was in a tree over the carport near the front steps.  I walked up the steps and didn’t see them.  My granddaughter pointed to the tree and said, ‘they are right there.”  She went to the truck, got the stuff and started to get the swarm.  She was a bit too short to reach it so I helped her.  We got them home on a Wednesday evening, on Sunday afternoon they swarmed and left the nuc.  You win some, you lose some.