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The one we went for

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This is the call we went for when we found the two hives. This was a shed built into the side of the hill.  The hive was small and fairly easy to remove. When we got the call the son of the owner had been out to take a look.  He wasn’t sure if they were bees or wasps, and he wasn’t going to get close enough to find out.  We had been to this little housing area before to remove bees from a shop vac. These were kind of stubborn girls.  I smoked them very hard to get them to leave once I had removed the comb. But they weren’t having any of it.  They stayed right were the comb used to be. Finally when neither the bees nor I could stand the smoke any longer they moved outside, but wouldn’t go into the nuc. After a little bit it started to drizzle, you never saw bees move so fast! We just had to wait a little while for everyone to move into the nuc.