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Get something Give something


Since the bees were in a bush next to the sidewalk the guy had put up sawhorses with the sign on them to warn people away.  He was afraid the bees would attack and he would be in trouble.  These girls were ready to get into a hive.  They had arrived on Saturday afternoon.  We couldn’t get to them then and told him to call back if they were still there Sunday.  He called on Monday morning. We went to pick them up on Monday evening.  They almost jumped into the box. A week before I had found a 1 week old kitten at work. A mongoose had killed mom.  I took it home and we bottle fed it.  We took it with us to the swarm. The woman of the house fell in love with it, and it stayed with her. A fair trade I think, I got paid and the kitten got a good home.

No Address


In Hawaii there are lots of places that don’t have an address on the outside of the building.  This house was one of those.  When I pulled up for the estimate I had to look at the houses on both sides, then had to take a chance on this being the right place.  The owner of the house is a very pleasant woman.  We talked for a while then she said OK let’s do this.  Bee removal is not an exact science.  The light they were going in was about head high from the inside.  We used our thermal camera and saw where they were.  So we opened the wall.  We were surprised to find that they crawled up the wall then through a hole in the stud to the ceiling area.  They were behind some pipes and electrical wires.  They were as calm as could be, even when I scooped them up with my cup.

Special Delivery


When I got the call for this removal the woman said they were in her mailbox.  I was thinking that they were IN the mailbox.  They were in the enclosure around the mailbox. I figured the shingles on the outside would come off and I would have access to the bees.  Boy was I wrong. This thing was really built well.  I did my best to remove the plywood panel in the front, then after removing what bees I could I saw I was going to have to remove the back panel. When I did that the top came off also.  At least it all stayed together. The person who owned the house is architect.  When I asked her what she had done that we might know she said she had done the PBS building at  Sand Island and Nimitz.  It is a beautiful building.

Mt. Aiea

We were out checking our hives when we got a call.  They had bees in their tree, and could we come pick them up.  We got there and didn’t see any trees in the front.  There was no side yard so I asked where they were.  The guy pointed down the steps.  I couldn’t believe it, it looked like a cliff!  Luckily the road curved around and my wife could hand the equipment up to me on top of a 6 foot wall. The guys wife was funny.  He was right there watching, but his wife was a half a block away. Some of the neighbors came out to watch also.

42 Steps

We were in the middle of a swarm call when we got this call.  The swarm call had a ton of steps, at least I only had to go down them once. We pulled up and saw the house, but couldn’t see any back yard. All we saw was Honolulu skyline.  The guy showed me the steps we had to go down.  He said he had counted them and there were exactly 42.  I had to carry the ladder, nuc, smoker and other equipment down. Then I had to get on the ladder.  As I have said in the past, I hate heights. When I got up there I saw they had made some comb. It was a hard job!

Zoo Redo

We have had several calls from the Honolulu zoo.  Many of their animals like boxes to live in and nest in, so do bees.  This was in the Tamarin and 2 toed Sloth cage.  The workers moved it out and we grabbed the bees. They had been in there for about 2 days, and had built a nice piece of comb.  We shook them into a nuc, set it down where the box was and waited for everyone to find their way home.

I hope they don’t bite me


It’s funny, some people say I hope they don’t bite me.  What they really mean is, they hope they don’t get stung.  We picked up this swarm in Salt Lake.  It was a bit bigger than I thought it would be.  We told the woman that there would be bees around for a few days. That is when she said, “I hope they don’t bite me.”  After years of doing this and hearing people say that we just went with it.  Very calm bees though.  They actually ran up the side of the nuc to get inside.

A Christian Education

The principle of this small Catholic school called and said they had bees near where the parents picked up the kids.  She has called me a few times in the past to remove bees.  The place where they were was a sort of bridge they use when it rains and gets flooded.  You can’t see the kids because of the reflection, but there were a few watching.  One of the girls said they were watching earlier in the day and it looked like a “bee tornado.” All of the kids were thrilled when they saw that.  They were more interested than scared.

Let her rip


We had just pulled up for a removal and my phone rang.  It was a woman who had a swarm in her tree. Then when we took a lunch break this woman called.  She had bees in her ficus tree.  Then right after we finished lunch another guy called about a swarm in his pomegranate tree.  We went and grabbed the trees in the ficus tree because it was right down the street.  By the time we were ready to grab the other one they had flown away.  I have been wondering when the season would start, now I know.