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They only want to kill them!

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A young woman called on Friday evening and asked if I could remove bees from a cabinet in the carport. Since it was already getting late I couldn’t do it then. I told her we had other things planned for the weekend and couldn’t make it out till Monday. She wanted to call around to find help. Then on Monday she called back. She said she had called several different places and all they wanted to do was kill them. Since we are a live removal company she wanted us to come out. She and her dad said almost the same thing, the wife/mother saw the bees go into the cabinet and started spraying insecticide. They both told her to stop! It is nice to see people starting to care about bees.

My kind of people

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We got a call on Saturday morning. The guy said he had bees on his tree. He wanted them removed, but he was very clear that he did not want them killed. He said he saw many bee removal services, but ours was the only one that said we do live removals.  Before he would give me his address his wife wanted to make absolutely sure we wouldn’t kill them. This time of year we didn’t expect a large swarm, we were pleasantly surprised.  These are calm gentle bees, just the kind we need.


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Sometimes bees get into places that scare people.  This is the case. They called and said they had bees under the trailer they use as a construction office.  At first he wanted to kill the bees, but then thought better of it.  He realized he can’t keep killing bees and have all the fruits and veggies too.  This was kind of a tight space, and I didn’t have Penny to help.  But they all got into the box without much trouble and the guy was happy.

Been there for awhile

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The guy called and asked how much I would charge to remove bees from a box. I told him I would have to see the box 1st. When we got there he showed us the “box”. It used to be used to hold chicken keeping equipment.  I opened it and was surprised to see the whole box was full of comb and bees. The panels must have been three feet long by 18 inches wide. There wasn’t much brood, and the comb was dark brown to black, so we knew it was old. We were able to pull 13 lbs of honey out of it. We put them in a nuc but are going to move them very soon because they are too big to stay in that small box.


Celestial Bees

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When bees are behind and electrical box we have to stop and tell the people they need an exterminator. That is what happened with these bees. The owner of the house is an astronomy professor for the Univ. of Hawaii. He and his wife are from Germany.  Most people won’t get anywhere near the bees, but he was right up there looking at them and putting his nose right up there. I’m surprised he didn’t get stung. We tried to find a way to the bees, but alas we couldn’t. He said the exterminator who had come out before us charged him $250 and didn’t do anything. I advised him to call them back and get them to do their job. They were the nicest people.

Community education

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This swarm was at the TOP of the mountain! When she called and said she was on the upper side of the mountain I didn’t think she meant at the top.  Her street started as a 4 lane divided road, then went down to two lanes, then down to one lane with cars parked on either side of the road. When we pulled up to the house the neighbors came out and asked if we were the bee people. Then neighbors from several houses nearby came out and watched.  Penny, my wife, explained what we were doing and how we save bees.  She also gave them a short bee 101 class.

They are behind the siding

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We were told the bees were in the siding. They had even had an exterminator come out 2 times to kill the bees.  They called me because they realized it wasn’t working, so they needed a bee removal person. We went out, looked under the siding and found they were not there. They were walking in a hole and into the ceiling.  We were told they had been there only a few weeks, to a little over a month.  A new beekeeper wanted to help, so John came and found this is a lot of work. We put up plastic and cut a hole in the ceiling.  The hive was between the rafters, and about 3 feet long. The guy who lived in the house was very pleasant. We filled 3 five gallon buckets with comb, and got about 20 lbs. of honey.