Oahu Bee Removal


Of the 3 varieties of bee currently living in Hawaii.  Systematic destruction and alteration of their habitat has forced Hawaii’s bees out of their natural environs and into yours. It’s okay. It’s a big world.

We can share.

KenMy name is Ken Harmeyer, and I’ve been a beekeeper for more than ten years. When I learned that bees are the only insects that make human-consumable food products, I was fascinated.

After I became a beekeeper on Oahu, things on the mainland started going badly for the bees.  Our bees were dying off enmasse, and suffering attacks from parasites.  I felt it was important to keep them going strong here; Hawaiian law forbids the importation of bees or used bee equipment.

The bees we have now in Hawaii are all we get.

I continue keeping bees because they are important to the environment. Without bees, in less than three years the only thing we will be eating is grains.

Live bee removal is an extension of my hobby. Most people don’t know how bees behave; they panic when they see bees in their yard or flying into a hole in the wall.  This is where I come in, teaching people about bees and reassuring them.  Then I remove them alive, and rehive them.

Our farms need bees like nobody’s business. Hawaiian crops depend on bees for vital pollenation. I take the bees to a farm where they can be happy and do the farmer a good turn by pollenating his crop.

Everyone wins.

Hawaiian bees are endangered. Please don’t kill them. Call me for a free consultation.

Colossians 3:23  Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man.