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Is there a doctor in the house?

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When we have a job that requires a carpenter we give the people a discount because they have to supply one.  We are not carpenters, but we do know a lot about it. There was a miscommunication with the person on this job. Her neighbor came over to see what was going on. She told him the situation, his eyes lit up and he says “I’ll do it!” I lent him my suit and he went to work on the column. Most times the bees are docile and don’t come out till we start removing the comb, not this time! They started buzzing us even before we got close.  After he pulled open the column I asked him what he did for a living. “I’m a doctor,” he told me. He was thrilled to help and work so closely with bees.  He had never done anything like that before.

I didn’t see them till my daughter said something


That is what Heather told me as I caught this swarm.  She said they were so unobtrusive she was sitting on the wall next to them and didn’t even know they were there.  It had been raining and was supposed to really storm later that day, so I guess they were happy to get into a nice dry home.

Another Jurassic World

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I have said before I don’t like heights, so why do bees build in the highest places they can find?  This is the set of Jurassic World D-Rex enclosure again.  We have taken 3 hives from that set, and if they keep it up we will be taking more from it.  This one required a lift to get to them.  It is kind of hard to do the work when your hand won’t let go of the cage. I had a death grip on the railing and would not let go, so I had to get creative. We got them down, and they are doing well.


20150830_120727 20150830_120716 20150830_120706 20150830_120649

To say I don’t like heights is putting it mildly. So why do bees have to build in a place that makes me sick just to look at it? This is the D-Rex enclosure for Jurassic World. There were two hives in the walls.  They were trying to take it down when the found them.  I had to tie a rope around me and then to a support pillar, then I had to lean out over the edge of the railing to get to them.  I knew I couldn’t throw up inside my hood, that would have been messy.  At least it wasn’t raining.

A Good Thing

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Sometimes having bees in the wall is not a bad thing.  When we went to give an estimate we found a soft spot in the wall where the bees were.  When we went back to remove them we found some of the sheetrock had melted away and all that was left was paper.  The owner of the house wouldn’t have known he had a problem if the bees were not there.  This queen was really laying. The hive would have been much larger in a few more days. All of the comb you see was built in about 2 weeks. It was all white or yellow. They even had some capped honey in the top.


CIMG1136 CIMG1141 CIMG1140 CIMG1139 CIMG1138

Bee removal is not an exact science.  Sometimes things don’t work out as you thought.  She told us that she starting seeing the bees 3 years ago. When we opened the wall it became apparent it was a bit longer.  We started at the top and went to the counter. We saw that there was more comb past the counter, in the wall.  We probed to find the bottom of the comb. We found it went to the floor. She had nice cabinets so we couldn’t cut them. We told her we would remove what we could, and her carpenter would have to remove some siding on the outside so we could get to them. She is having remodeling work done. We will go back and finish the job once her carpenter gets back to us.

D-Rex Jurassic World

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We have an agreement with Kualoa Ranch.  We are able to place our bees on their property, in exchange we remove bees for them.  We got a call about bees in the D-Rex enclosure.  The person assured us the D-Rex would be under control. We weren’t worried, we knew the bees would keep him away, that is how scary bees can be.  It is interesting to see how they make things look so real.  The bees were in the observation room, a class enclosed, no ventilation room.  It was like working in a solar oven!  It must have been over 100 degrees inside. We took lots of water breaks.

And I planned to do what today?


This picture is not the best.  The guy called and said he parked his car about 10 pm last night and saw the bees. He called me about 8 am and told me about them. The sun was already up and I knew the bees were getting warmed up and ready to leave. We packed our gear and took off. When we got there, the scouts were doing their dance to tell the others about the great place they found. I sprayed them with sugar water and got ready in record time. When I scraped them off the wall they rolled up like a fruit roll up. They didn’t take long to calm down. The guy even wanted me to call him back to make sure we were helping the bees.