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Two for the price of one

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An auto detailer called and said he had bees in the wall of a storage room. I tried to listen with my stethoscope but couldn’t hear them.  We started cutting the sheetrock and found this is what we found. ⅝ ths sheetrock, ¾ plywood, then ⅝ ths sheetrock, no wonder I couldn’t hear them. We opened the wall a little and found a large hive. We opened it up more and found a larger hive.  Someone had done a removal before, and that one was even larger.  We got the bees out, then accidentally removed some duct tape from a hole.  Bees came pouring out!  This was on the other side of the room. We found a very active hive there.  The women took over at that point and started removing the hive, while we men put the brood into frames. It took a bit longer than we anticipated but it got done.