Island Bees

Is this real?

Kualoa Ranch is a film location. I got a call from them saying that one of the Jurassic series had bees in a stump. He told me it was a styrofoam stump and gave me a general location.
We got there and started looking, we couldn’t find where the bees were. We saw a stump a bit away, but we ALL thought this was a real stump. Nikki went over and looked at the last place we could think of. It was the stump with the bees. It was so real! They even had bark that looked real! Thankfully it was built in sections and came apart after some work. The queen had died and when we opened it up the bees started swarming us. We had to take breaks to get away from them. Every time we scooped most of the bees they would fly back to a section of the stump. So we decided to scoop and cover the box as soon as well as we could. We got a lot of bees, but there were a lot of them left. I am impressed with the artistry of the people who could make a stump that big and make it look so real.