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What is it about the airport?

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Maybe bees like the airport because they fly, and jets fly.  I know that is a silly idea.  A contractor at the airport called and said they had bees in one of the wooden forms they use.  He said they had been there for at least 3 months.  What he didn’t tell me was how aggressive they were.  In Hawaii we have a strain of bees called German.  They are mean, and will attack in force and not leave you alone.  I moved the wood forms and they started buzzing me, then when I flipped the last one, they came out in force.  The whole 2 hours of the removal I had bees all around my head.  I had to call my wife to come and help because I realized I couldn’t do this alone.  When you are putting the comb into frames you need someone scooping bees and putting them into the hive when it is a large hive.  I didn’t think they would be that big, and mean.  I like Germans because they are survivors. They can thrive in a place other bees die.  These will go out to the organic farm I think.