Smoking is not good for you

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Most times when people call and say they have bees, they say the swarm is huge. When I get there it is a handful of bees. This time it wasn’t just a handful. She told me they were in the smoker. She didn’t know how big they were, just that there seemed to be a lot of them. I knew they were big because of the activity. 1 cup will hold 900 bees. I must have scooped out at least a quart or more. When I got home I put them in a full sized hive because there were so many. We shall see how they do.

One thought on “Smoking is not good for you

  1. Thank you Ken for coming out to help us with the bees in our smoker. You were a God-send as others we called required a wait of a few days or referred us to someone else. You came out promptly given our concern of all the activity around the smoker and the fact that a lot of the neighborhood kids come around to play. We were so happy that you took care of everything!! We can’t thank you enough!!

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