A Hoy thar matey

I got a call from a guy who said bees had formed on his wind turbine on his 20 foot sailboat. I told him I couldn’t help him, it was over 10 feet up and the boat was rocking because of the wind, I would have ended up in the water. A few minutes later he called and said they had moved into a cubby near the rear of the boat. We went out and scooped and smoked them into the nuc. I went to get something and turned around to look at the boat and saw them leave the nuc and go back to the turbine. I told the guy to call if they went back into the boat, and went home. I had just gotten home when he called, but it was too late to try again. I went out the next day and got them into the nuc and they stayed. Even though the boat was at the dock, I was starting to get green, I get deathly sea sick just being around boats!