Island Bees

Why bother?

I was on my way home from work when they called and said they had bees on the ground. He was sure they were building a nest. I assured him they weren’t, it was 10 miles out of the way, but I went. As the guy was showing me where the bees were, and showing me a picture of a very large swarm, he told me he had soaked a towel in 2 bottles of clorox and a whole can of raid, then he threw it over the bees. I was a bit irritated! I asked him why did he bother calling me after he killed them. He didn’t have an answer. When I picked up the towel to see what was left I held it at arms length, and it still burned my nose and eyes. If you look you will see dead bees extending past the tide box and to the pavement. I asked him why he killed them. He said he didn’t want the bees to attack anyone and kill them. He then told me he didn’t want a lecture. I gave him one anyway.