It was so hot!

The people are selling the house and needed the bees removed from under the shed. This is a metal shed without any tree cover. The day we started removing them was so hot! The humidity was way up and being in the shed was like an oven. We had to cut a 4X4 foot hole in the floor to get them. We took home 32 pounds of honey from this hive. We filled all five frames of the nuc

The Circle of Life

About two years ago a Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal guy called and said he wanted to keep bees, could I help him get some. I could and did. He placed them at the EOD range where he worked. Being in the Navy he moved, and someone else took them over. That guy moved and no one took them over and they just sat. I got a call the other day from the Navy EOD commander, he asked if I could help remove some bees. He explained that one of his guys was keeping them and then left. He told me the guys name and I just had to laugh. We went to collect them. One hive was empty, but the other two were packed! They had brood, honey and all of the frames filled out. We moved them and they are doing fine.

Under arrest for trespassing

The guy called and said he had bees under his outdoor bar on his patio. His son was making lei’s and he thought maybe that attracted them. I assured him that that wasn’t the case. When we got there he told us he was a Sargent in the police. I asked him why he didn’t just arrest them for trespassing. He said that trying to get the fingerprints off of that many bees just wasn’t worth the hassle. There was a little bit of comb so they had planned on staying for a while.

Friendly people

One thing about doing this type of work is you meet friendly people most times. That was the case with these people. They had never seen a swarm, and were very curious about the process. I told them what they wanted to know. Reaching the palm frond was a bit of a stretch but I was able to get them down.

A bush?

She said the swarm was in a bush not very high up. When I got there I saw they were in a bushy tree about 7 feet up. During swarm season I drive my Toyota, and carry my bee stuff with me. However I can’t carry a ladder so I borrowed a step ladder and shook them into my bucket. They were ready to move! Most of them settled down right away and I got most of them.

Just move one tire? Right!

When the guy called he said all I would have to do is move one tire outside and I could get the bees. When I got there I saw a mountain of tires! The bees had gotten inside them were quite happy. I started moving tires to get to them, and found they kept going deeper into the pile. I scooped and smoked, most of them came out, but there were a lot I couldn’t get too.

Bird House

The guy called and said he had bees in a bird house. He said we could take the bird house. What he didn’t say was that the thing was for ducks! And he didn’t say it was in the back yard, and the steps to get from the back area were narrow. We got it out of the tree but couldn’t get it stable enough to get it down the stairs. We had to go back the next day and take it apart and put the bees in a nuc to get them out. The guy was very nice and even helped with the removal!

Is this real?

Kualoa Ranch is a film location. I got a call from them saying that one of the Jurassic series had bees in a stump. He told me it was a styrofoam stump and gave me a general location.
We got there and started looking, we couldn’t find where the bees were. We saw a stump a bit away, but we ALL thought this was a real stump. Nikki went over and looked at the last place we could think of. It was the stump with the bees. It was so real! They even had bark that looked real! Thankfully it was built in sections and came apart after some work. The queen had died and when we opened it up the bees started swarming us. We had to take breaks to get away from them. Every time we scooped most of the bees they would fly back to a section of the stump. So we decided to scoop and cover the box as soon as well as we could. We got a lot of bees, but there were a lot of them left. I am impressed with the artistry of the people who could make a stump that big and make it look so real.

Let there be music

The woman called and said there were bees in a speaker box. I made sure I could just load the box up and take them away. Trying to get them out of a speaker box without damaging the whole thing. It was light and in a great place to get to. After I covered it with my sheet and put it in my truck I noticed they were heading for the other speaker box. So I moved it to another place. These people had a front yard and back yard that was full of potted plants. It looked like a plant nursery! The brother said they just liked plants. He even gave me an air plant cutting!

You have got to be kidding!

We went out to this house in July last year, but for some reason they didn’t want to do the removal. Then I guess the bees became such a problem that the really decided call me. When we got there and went to look where we were going set up we noticed that the hive in the wall wall was swarming! They flew to a mango tree about 30 feet away, the problem was that they were about 40 feet up. I would have loved to grab them and put them in the nuc but they were just too high. There was a lot of honey in the hive and it made a mess. Then the expanding foam wouldn’t work, so I had to punch a hole in the bottom. That made a mess in the wall. All in all it took us about an hour longer than we expected. When we went back we had to scoop bees in the box since there was no queen to attract them.