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What a day

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On Friday I was nearing my house.  I saw a lot of bees flying around and wondered if the bees on my lanai had swarmed.  I parked in the driveway and looked around to see where the bees were going.  That is when I noticed a very loud buzzing, which I knew to be bees.  I looked across the street and saw a very large swarm in a tree. You can see them on the branch between the two wires, it is the brown spot. My ladder wouldn’t go that high, so I put a bucket on a pole, got up on the ladder and shook them into my bucket. That kind of worked. Penny came home and suggested I put the pick up under the tree and the ladder in the bed. What would I do without her? We got the swarm in a nuc, the next day we took them to Kualoa Ranch.