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What a day!

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This morning my 9 year old granddaughter wanted to just be lazy and watch tv all day.  I told her there was no way she was just sitting in front of the boob tube. A woman called and asked if we could place bees on her property. We went to take a look at the area. My granddaughter has never been close to any animal other than cats and dogs. This woman had chickens in her yard. They started following her around. She said they were chasing her, I let her know they were just following her because they thought she had food. The woman had a very large mango tree and gave her lots of mangos. Then we got a swarm call.  It was at a house that backed up to a golf course.  A swarm had landed in a large bush right near their deck. The golf course was beautiful and there was a large mango tree near the swarm.  My granddaughter picked a few. This was the first time she has reloaded the smoker and was nervous but did great. She sat down to rest and the homeowner brought out a 2 week old chick. She let her hold it! My granddaughter was in 7th heaven. All she could say on the way home was “What a day!”