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Use and effect

We belong to a SciFi club.  One of the members called and was almost screaming, “you gotta get over here right now!  I have bees in a couch on my lanai.”  I got her calmed down, then packed up my stuff and went over. As we were waiting on her to come down and let us in we were talking to the guard. She told us of a woman a few floors down from our friend. The woman found bees in her dresser on the lanai, she decided to vacuum them. She got stung. Then she sprayed the outside with bug spray.  The bees left and she was happy. Right after that my friend called and said a “huge” swarm of bees had just come up and gotten into her couch.  We had to cut the back of the couch and remove the plywood backing to get to the bees. After we got them, we told her to wait a few days and then she could throw out the old raggedy couch.