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This is why

If you are an urban backyard beekeeper you need to get to know your neighbors. I keep bees at my house, and my neighbors know.  I have offered to them to come and look at what we do and how we do it.  Most have said they aren’t interested. I have also told them that since we live near undeveloped areas there are going to be wild bees, not necessarily my bees. Whenever they have a swarm, they just come to me.  The guy who called me to remove this swarm kept trying to get me to say that they came from his neighbor. I can’t say that, because bees will fly up to 5 miles, and he lived near undeveloped areas, so the bees could have come from anywhere. I saw the beekeeper and told him he may have swarmed. He immediately got his gear and checked the bees, his hives didn’t swarm. If you are a urban beekeeper get to know your neighbors. If you live near a beekeeper get to know them, you may even be able to buy some very local honey from them.