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My helper

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My 9 year old granddaughter wanted to come and help with what I was told was a swarm.  She got her suit and we headed off.  When we got there we saw the bees going in and out of an old cement laundry sink.  I turned it over and found the thing was filled with comb. I started scraping the comb out and she started rubber banding it to the frames.  We got most of the way done, the bees were getting more and more bothered and it was getting dark.  Then I heard “Ow, Ow.” She had gotten stung on the ankle.  We went on working, then I noticed she was crying. She didn’t scream or anything. I told her to move off where the bees weren’t, but she said I needed her help.  My wife stepped in then and we got it done.  There were a lot of bees!