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I saw it on Youtube

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Darryl called and said he had bees in an old back porch ceiling. We went on Wed. evening to remove them. When we got there we were greeted by Darryl the owner of the house. We started pulling stuff out of the truck. He started telling us what all of the equipment was and how it was used. All the while he was telling us he kept saying. “I saw it on Youtube!” His mother came over and started asking questions, he answered them accurately, he saw it on youtube! We pulled the damaged sheetrock down and found a big hive, so we had to come back on Saturday. He wanted to help so we brought him a suit. We told him the suits were sting resistant, not sting proof. He got his welders jacket, long pants, and steel toed boots! Then about 10 minutes into the job he was complaining how hot he was. He was a pleasure to work with.