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I got a call from the Hawaii Air National Guard.  They have some impressive jets I couldn’t take pictures of. The woman who called wanted to know if she could help.  She was just getting into bees because of her husband and loved it.  We went to the flight line and couldn’t find the box where the bees were supposed to be.  However, I did find lots of very angry bees hanging around the area she said they were supposed to be. They were hanging around a electrical box that was not in use. Then they found the crate with the bees. Someone had moved them to the cement flight line area.  The temp was a bit over 86 with 70% humidity.  The comb was attached to the top of the box, but had fallen.  The comb was so soft I couldn’t pick it up without damaging it.  The woman and I scooped bees and put them in a nuc. I think we got 90% of the bees.