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Holy Bees and thank you Jesus

We got a call from a guy who had bees in his shed. When we got there, there were a lot of chairs set up in his carport. There were also mic’s and other sound equipment set up. I asked if they were having a big party. The guy told me he was a Pastor and they were going to have church in a few hours.  To me that is cool, that is the way they used to do it, church in someones home.  We took a look at the shed. It was hot in the back yard where this was, then we put on the bees suits and it got much hotter.  The bees had attached to a beach bag and a tub of laundry soap.  To make sure we had all the comb we had to unload the lower half of the shed.  We put the comb in the hive and they all seemed to go right in.  They also calmed down fairly fast.