Island Bees

Drywall and termites

Doing removals is interesting most of the time. Sometimes it can be frustrating. This was the latter case. I used my inferred camera to find the bees in the wall. I saw they were in the ceiling also a little bit. When we opened the wall we found termite damage. Some of the wood was so damaged by termites it wasn’t really there, just some very thin wood. We took the large piece out first and found they had attached a lot of comb on it. Then we started the removal. Part of the problem was that there was only one window that had a removable screen, so the bees were stuck in the other windows. Then we realized that we couldn’t get to the bees without taking more of the sheetrock out. We got all of the comb and bees, foamed the holes they were using and replaced the sheetrock. The gray putty will dry white.