Island Bees


There is a heavy construction company here called Hawaiian Dredging. They try to do what is right for the environment and understand that bees are important, so they call me when the have bees. The person who I deal with is an attractive and very smart engineer. She is a lead project engineer for several of the removals I have done. She called me and said they were going to demolish an old military housing building. This place has been empty since the early 1990’s. She had to guide me to it, it was hidden by trees and tall bushes. When the government built these places they did it in a hurry. The siding was plywood with 2×4 framing. When I started to take the siding off I realized the termite damage was bad. The bees had attached to the 2x4s and they rotted. The comb kept falling before I was ready to grab it, taking the rotted wood with it. We were able to get the bees and they are now able to take the building down.