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My wife thinks it is funny, the bigger the guy the more scared they seem to be of a small bee.  This guy wasn’t a body builder, but he worked out.  He was also a contractor, so he was used to dealing with dangerous situations.  We offered to give him a discount if he wanted to do the carpentry work.  We would have let him borrow a suit, but he wasn’t having any of that.  These bees were very gentle, I only got stung 2 times through the gloves. That was my fault, I kind of squished them when I put my hand down.  Penny only got stung once in the leg when her sock fell. It wasn’t a hot day and Penny could do her work in the shade. This queen was a good one, she had filled much of the comb with eggs and brood.  I hope they stay and do well, we need more gentle bees in the world. It is nice when people want to save the bees instead of spray them.