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Flower pots


The woman called and I missed the call, so I called back.  She didn’t answer the phone so I left a message.  She called me back and I missed it again! So she texted me and we connected that way.  She thought the bees had been in the flower pot only a few days, maybe a week.  She had put the flower pot over a stump so it wouldn’t grow. I filled five frames with comb and brood. The bees gathered on the outside of the nuc, so I had to smoke them in.  There were a lot of them!

OOPs this is a shower


My wife went for the estimate. The people said it was a shed, that is what she saw.  When we got there and moved the buckets we saw the shower head.  This was once an outside shower.  We started cutting into the wall where the bees were and found that it was cement board.  All we had was out multitool.  While it is good, the blades we have were not made for cement.  We wore out two blades.  Then we opened up the wall, wow!  There were lots of bees and even more comb.  There was also lots of brood.  We used all five frames and still had c

Can you come get them now?


The view from the patio was gorgeous!  It was right on the water, and the people had their own dock. He called and said he had bees in an old portable bar.  He said I could take the whole thing since it was very weathered. We made the appointment to pick them up on Sunday evening. He called and asked if we could make it on Saturday instead. Then he called again and said something came up, could be come by on Friday.  On Wednesday he called and said he had scheduled tree trimmers to come work on Friday, could I come by on Thursday and get them.   When got there, they were covered with plastic. Once we got the plastic off we tried to open the cabinet.  The bees had built so much comb we couldn’t get it open. So we just threw two sheets over them and carted them away.

Order in the Court


The guy in the picture is an arborist and contracts with the Federal Court at 300 Ala Moana Blvd.  He gave me a call and said the owner of this car was freaking out because of the bees.  The wind has been blowing hard for the last few days.  The bees thought they had found a great place to hang out, out of the wind.  Once I scooped them into the nuc they were more than happy to stay.

About five feet long


They have only been there about 3 months the owner said.  I looked at it with my infrared camera and saw this was a big hive in the wall.  I tried to listen to them with my stethoscope but couldn’t hear them.  We put up the paper to protect the walls and floors and got to it.  We cut the sheetrock and pulled out the piece, low and behold there was another sheet behind it! Not wonder I couldn’t hear the bees.  Then we  cut another hole where we thought the hive ended.  The hive went almost to the bottom of the window! It was about 5 feet long.  I don’t think it had been there 3 months.  We took about 10 pounds of honey out of this hive.

Wow it was hot!


When went out to do this removal it had been very hot all week.  This day it was about 90 degrees, with the suits on it was at least 100!  Sheldon has been helping us, and I thank God that he came out that day.  When we were moving stuff we noticed that bees were coming out of both sides of the shed. We hoped that the bees on the left side were just using the right side as another entrance, no such luck.  Then the owner told us that bees had been flying all around the night before.  We looked around and saw a swarm in the little orange tree.  Sheldon grabbed that swarm.  After we opened up the floor we noticed that there were not enough bees, so we saw that the swarm was from this hive. After we put the comb in the full hive we dumped the swarm into it.  They were happy to be home and in a bigger space. Then we got to the second one.  It was just as hard and it was still very hot.  The house is a historic house that was built in 1946 or there abouts.



Sheldon called some time ago and said he wanted a swarm.  We got him one, and he has kept in contact.  Sheldon is in the US Navy, and works as a Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist.  He asked if he could come help with a removal.  We never turn down young help!  His family works in construction and so he knew a lot.  When he was removing the comb he went very slow.  That is his EOD training, they have to go slow so they don’t blow themselves up.  He did a great job and we thank him for his help.


They called and said the bees had come back.  I didn’t understand till they said they had sprayed them with bug killer and they had left.  I told them they should leave and told her to call back if they don’t move.  They didn’t so we went out and grabbed them.  They were ready to get off that wall.  I scooped them into a nuc and they just went right in.  If they survive they will take a long time to grow because of how small they were.