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They called and said the bees had come back.  I didn’t understand till they said they had sprayed them with bug killer and they had left.  I told them they should leave and told her to call back if they don’t move.  They didn’t so we went out and grabbed them.  They were ready to get off that wall.  I scooped them into a nuc and they just went right in.  If they survive they will take a long time to grow because of how small they were.

Looks small until


The woman called and told me a story.  She said about 1 million bees formed on the side of her house.  She put out some stinky stuff and they moved.  The next morning she noticed they had moved to the other side of the house, that is when she called me.  We took a standard 5 frame nuc.  We saw the bees from the outside and it looked small.  Then we got inside and saw how big this swarm really  was.  We had to go home and get a full hive.  I used a 5 gallon bucket to scoop them.  They filled a 1/4 of the bucket! We left the hive and came back later that afternoon and most of the bees were in the box.  This was one of the largest swarms we have seen in a long time.

Holy Bees and thank you Jesus

We got a call from a guy who had bees in his shed. When we got there, there were a lot of chairs set up in his carport. There were also mic’s and other sound equipment set up. I asked if they were having a big party. The guy told me he was a Pastor and they were going to have church in a few hours.  To me that is cool, that is the way they used to do it, church in someones home.  We took a look at the shed. It was hot in the back yard where this was, then we put on the bees suits and it got much hotter.  The bees had attached to a beach bag and a tub of laundry soap.  To make sure we had all the comb we had to unload the lower half of the shed.  We put the comb in the hive and they all seemed to go right in.  They also calmed down fairly fast.

6 feet?


The guy called and said he had bees in his palm tree.  He told me a swarm had gotten there about 2 weeks ago, he thought they were going to leave.  They had other ideas, they built a good sized home in that two weeks.  I asked him how high he thought they were.  He told me there were about 6 feet up.  I got there, put up my 12 foot ladder and still had another 5 feet to go.  I put a strap around the branch and pulled it down to me.  They had actually built on a tree limp next to the palm tree.  I dropped the whole thing in a bucket and then into frames. I put the nuc as close as I could.  In about an hour most of the bees had gotten into the nuc.

In town

Bees love cabinets. It is a perfect place for them to build.  These girls built in the middle of town.  I was kind of surprised at how large the hive was. The guy wanted me to take the cabinet apart when I removed the bees, he was dumping it.  He couldn’t was clothes for a bit because he would have to be right next to the hive and they didn’t like the vibration of the washing machine.