A New One

Chieko said she wanted free bees.  I told her if she would help she could have the bees.  We got a call from a woman who said the bees were hanging from the carport, but had called onto her husbands truck.  We have handled bees on vehicles many times so we didn’t think anything of it, until we got there and saw they were next to the windshield. Chieko wanted to really get into helping!  She insisted she wanted to scoop the bees, so we told her how and she did a wonderful job.  After we got the bees off the windshield area we noticed they were going down the intake vent for the air conditioner!  Thankfully we got the queen, she had not gone down inside.  We smoked the vent hard and the bees started coming out.  We got all but a very small group.  Chieko was very happy to get bees and had a place already set up for them, I think she will be a great beekeeper.