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A head full of bees

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A Tanuki is a Japanese raccoon dog. They have made statues of them. When placed outside of the business they tell what kind of business it is.  Some of them hold a rake, that would be a gardener. Some, like this one, has a sake pot, that means this place would be a drinking establishment. The person had a Japanese themed back yard. She went to tend the garden and noticed bees flying in and out to the tanuki’s mouth, that is when she called me.  We got there and found the bees in the very top of the statue. I had to get creative to get them out.  I couldn’t reach in to get all of them because the space was too small for my hand. So I put a sheet on the grass and gave the statue a sharp short drop. The bees fell onto the sheet, I picked it up and dumped them into the nuc.  We put the nuc where the tanuki was and left it for the day. After about 6 hours we grabbed the grandkids and went back and got it. My youngest is still kind of afraid to get too close.