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3/4 plywood


Our neighbor came by our house and said he had bees in his ceiling.  Funny thing was that he knows we do this kind of work, but didn’t put two and two together until he was talking to a friend about it.  The friend said she knew someone who does a great job, then told him about us.  We went to to remove the bees.  The problem for me is heights, I can’t stand them.  His house is built on stilts and from this room the drop was make 50 feet. We covered the window and that worked for me.  We started cutting into the ceiling with our multitool.  We thought we were hitting a beam or something because the thing wouldn’t cut, and there was sawdust falling.  I got my saw out and started cutting.  When the piece came out we saw it was 3/4 inch plywood for the ceiling.